Dion Dalton-Bridges

Dion Dalton-Bridges is a junior analyst at Money Morning.

He has an academic grounding in business, having completed his bachelor at the Copenhagen Business School and Queensland University of Technology.

His primary focus is in digital assets including cryptocurrencies, as well as small market cap opportunities within the ASX.

IOTA Price Up 873% This Month After Deal with Microsoft

The little known crypto that trades as (Miota) is up 152% since announcing the deal with Microsoft last week. The graph has quite literally gone vertical as the coin has surged 873% this month. One month ago, it had a market cap of US$1 billion. Now it is just shy of US$8 billion.

Why Bitcoin is the New Gold

Right now talk of bitcoin is everywhere. I can appreciate some may find it tiring. The reason the conversation has merit however, has nothing to do with the surging price. At least, it shouldn’t. The price is merely a consequence of the bitcoin architecture.

Black Swans & Bitcoin Bubbles

Black Swan moments are essentially extreme outlier events that have enormous and unforeseen consequences. A financial bubble is a Black Swan moment. So does this mean that bitcoin is a bubble?

Ethereum Price Up 13.5% Overnight

Ethereum price is at an all-time high. It’s currently sitting at AU$557. Which is a new apex. No one single event has caused this, but a myriad of advancements over the last couple of months.
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