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Greg Canavan is a Feature Editor at Money Morning and Head of Research at Port Phillip Publishing.

He likes to promote a seemingly weird investment philosophy based on the old adage that ‘ignorance is bliss’.

That is, investing in the Information Age means you have all the information you need at your fingertips. But how useful is this information? Much of it is noise and serves to confuse, rather than inform, investors.

And, through the process of confirmation bias, you tend to read what you already agree with. As a result, you often only think you know that you know what is going on. But, the fact is, you really don’t know. No one does. The world is far too complex to understand.

When you accept this, your newfound ignorance becomes a formidable investment weapon. That’s because you’re not a slave to your emotions and biases.

Greg puts this philosophy into action as the Editor of Crisis & Opportunity. As the name suggests, Greg sees opportunity in a crisis. To find the opportunities, he uses a process called the ‘Fusion Method’, which combines traditional valuation techniques with charting analysis.

Read correctly, a chart contains all the information you need. It contains no opinions or emotion. Combine that with traditional stock analysis and you have a robust stock-selection strategy.

With Greg’s help, you can implement a long-term wealth-building strategy into your financial planning, be better prepared for the financial challenges ahead, and stop making the basic, costly mistakes that most private investors do every time they buy a stock.

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A True Hero

John Monash, Anzac DayTen years ago, I was familiar with the battle of Villers-Bretonneux and the exploits of the AIF on the Western Front. But I was less aware of the exploits of the bloke at the top — John Monash. In this 100-year anniversary of the victories of 1918, I thought it would be fitting to cast markets aside for the day, and remind you just how remarkable this man was.

This Sector Is an AVOID!

financial stocks are decliningThere is a good chance that the long term impact of this royal commission will be a complete dismantling of bank business models. As I pointed out yesterday, banks are already starting to put their funds management businesses up for sale. Next, the rest of the wealth management arms (including the financial planning networks) will probably go too.

What an Absolute Banker

leverage in the markets, financial stockBanks always have and always will attract the type of individual who wants to make a lot of money from being ‘a banker’. And while there are plenty of decent ones around, the truth is there are plenty of abhorrent individuals willing to fleece other people for their own benefit. Things took a turn for the worse when the banks began to get into the wealth management game in the early 2000s.

What to Watch to Confirm a Bear Market

Bear marketWe’ve been preparing for life in a bear market for some time. By this I mean giving ourselves every chance of making some money while also recognising the downside risks of a market potentially transitioning from bull to bear. How is this transition looking now?

The Number One Rule: Know Thy Value

AMP share price dropped, stock valueStill, who exactly was buying last week when the share price was north of $5.50? Seriously, I spent about 30 mins looking at the numbers and doing some high school maths that I managed to remember, and concluded the stock wasn’t worth touching with the proverbial barge pole. It was plain to see, even for someone as simple as me, that this thing was radioactive.

Chaos in International Relations

Oil markets investingHang on, I thought Trump and everyone else was getting ready to fight North Korea’s Kim Jong-un? Apparently not. Syria is now the target of Trump’s wrath. The biffo is both ideological and economic. The other motivating force behind this ongoing war though is — surprise, surprise — energy.

Get Your Bear Suit on

bear market ahead?Don’t you love how the narrative changes from month to month? Back in the good old days…way back in January 2018, it was all about Trump’s tax cuts and the wonderful effect this would have on stock prices and the US economy. But now, it’s all about trade wars.

Blue Sky Valuation

Stocks sell off, valuationI’m going to talk about valuation…as in fundamental, old school asset valuation. I’m also going to talk investor psychology and how when you get the two of them working together, or in this case against each other, the results can be spectacular. And given the recent controversy over Blue Sky Alternative Investments, I thought it would be interesting to perform an intrinsic value calculation to see where actual value is for the company.

On the Brink of a Bear Market

bear marketWhat do you do when you’re under political pressure for starting a potentially damaging trade war? You change the conversation and focus peoples’ attention on a real war, and cast yourself as the moral hero. What’s been happening in Syria for the past five years or so has been a disaster, and every major country involved has blood on their hands.

Who Wants Gold with Their Trade War?

gold stocksUS markets bounced back overnight. There was no reason in particular. Probably just that, on consideration, the previous day’s falls might have been a little excessive. Still, the market feels a little bit like the proverbial cat on a hot tin roof. That is, edgy, nervous, and ready to jump if need be. In my view, the risk of a trade war is higher than many people think.