Harje Ronngard

Harje Ronngard is the lead Editor at Money Morning. He’s also the Editor of Wealth Eruption and Gold & Commodities Stock Trader, and co-Editor of the Third Wave Portfolio.

The aim of both Wealth Eruption and the Third Wave Portfolio is to find misunderstood opportunities. These are the type of investments that multiply small amounts of money five- to 10-times in size.

Harje has an academic background in investments and valuation. He’s had experience across a range of asset classes, from futures to equities.

For any investment, Harje believes you only need to ask two questions. What is it worth? And how much does it cost? These two questions alone open up a world of opportunities, which Harje shares with Money Morning readers five days a week.

Was El Petro the Future of Money?

Have you heard of El Petro? It was Venezuela’s solution to restore the faith…The oil-backed crypto was going to be their trustworthy currency. It’s something Venezuela sorely needs, even today. It also had promise to be the solution to erratic boom and bust cycles.

We’re Getting Back to Basics

We want to bring you more of the big ideas the mainstreams aren’t. More of the insight that actually leads to huge opportunities. The left of field ideas that hardly anyone has caught onto yet.

Listen, RBA, to Money Morning Readers

We’re a little over a week away from another rate decision. Will they or won’t they cut rates? if the RBA continues to look at unemployment and inflation as leading indicators for the economy, we could see far lower rates than 1.5%. All they need to do is listen to Money Morning readers to see this won’t work anyway.

Dear Reader, What Does Your Spending Look Like?

We need our government to spend more money it doesn’t have on infrastructure. It should create new jobs, and the income from that needs to be spent in the economy, spurring on businesses to borrow more at record low interest rates to increase production.

Play the Game and You Might Get Rich

I’m beginning to think Australia is just one giant game of Monopoly…Pass GO every fortnight or month, depending upon your employer, and receive $200.Try to buy up every Australian property in sight…even the cheap disgusting ones.Speculate on which side of the board you’d like to control...

When Interest Rates Stop Working

If the academics have found anything, it’s that interest rates have little bearing on growth at all. In his 2018 Reconsidering Monetary Policy paper, Richard Werner finds the relationship between interest rates and growth is actually positive…meaning interest rates and growth move together.

Where Are Stocks Heading from Here?

What we might end up seeing is a level playing field for all. What I mean by that is costs for producing goods in Australia might be as low as they are in China. In such a world, where machines do the work, labour costs become redundant. And thus, producers in Australia can compete with those in China.
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