Harje Ronngard

Harje Ronngard is the lead Editor at Money Morning. He’s also the Editor of Wealth Eruption and co-Editor of the Third Wave Portfolio.

The aim of both Wealth Eruption and the Third Wave Portfolio is to find misunderstood opportunities. These are the type of investments that multiply small amounts of money five- to 10-times in size.

Harje has an academic background in investments and valuation. He’s had experience across a range of asset classes, from futures to equities.

For any investment, Harje believes you only need to ask two questions. What is it worth? And how much does it cost? These two questions alone open up a world of opportunities, which Harje shares with Money Morning readers five days a week.

Your Hypernet Report Drops Today

This next evolution could be the third defining moment of connectivity in our history. The first was the creation of the internet. The second was the creation of the Web. And like the first two, this next evolution might make new technologies and whole new income streams possible for Aussie businesses.

Surgery by Livestream

What kind of tech will exist 1,000 years into the future? I’m going to guess we will have mastered artificial intelligence. Or maybe it will have mastered itself. It will speak, interact, listen and remember just like you or me. The only difference is it can process data exponentially faster.

Are You Ready for Internet 2.0?

What does the world look like without the World Wide Web: a collection of information-rich pages that sits atop of the internet? No YouTube. No Wikipedia. No Facebook or Amazon. And especially no Google.

Could the US Fed Save Aussie Housing? [VIDEO]

While I’m sure our own Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is more concerned with Aussie figures, we seem to be going the way of the US. Aussie rates have been on pause for years. And the next move might potentially be down.

The Paper Threat: Huawei

You’ve probably heard a lot about the ‘Ban Huawei’ movement Trump is pushing. It was enough to get us Aussies on board. New Zealand is toeing the line. But countries in Europe are less obliging.

We’re Just Getting Started, Says Father of the Web

You only have to go back three generations, though, to see an entirely different world. A world without Twitter and YouTube. A world where you might grow up on the farm, sheltered in a community that knows only what the local paper and passers-by tell them. But it’s just the beginning. So says the father of the web.

Is THIS as Bad as It Gets?

Our central bank hasn’t taken us down the road of no return, yet. But we now find ourselves at a pause. Aussie economists are licking their fingers, putting them in the air and seeing which way the wind blows.

Is THIS a Home Run Investment for Amazon?

The only reason the YES Network is up for sale is because Disney needs to cut the fat. They’re in the process of a US$85 billion merger with 21st Century Fox. And regulators won’t let Disney keep the lot.

Are Stocks Going the Way of the Boeing 737 MAX?

The slowdown is almost over, Credit Suisse’s John Woods says. Now, as central banks around the world pause, it could be go-go time again. We’ve also seen central bankers in Europe change policy. At first everything seemed fine. The Eurozone was out of the woods, ready to grow again.
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