Izaac Ronay

Izaac Ronay is an Editor at Money Morning.

He has traded equity index and interest rate futures since 2012 across various exchanges and products. His trading focuses on the relationship between markets and how to maximise return while controlling risk.

Izaac studied Management and International Business and has worked in supply chain and marketing roles within small and large Australian businesses.

He has been actively investing in the stock market since 2007 and believes the best investments are those that align with the most significant evolving themes.

Egg and Chicken

In today’s Money Morning the cost of energy is intrinsic to the cost of everything else…bad karma imagine my surprise egg or chicken? and more

A Very Quiet Future

The Tesla story is pretty well known, but I want to revisit it in light of a recent IPO that I think gives a bit more depth to the story and is worth reflecting on.

What Comes Down Must Go Up

Now, as the stronger economies go first in raising rates, obviously the weaker ones will slowly follow. This is an early warning signal that you can pay attention to in your own investing.
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