Izaac Ronay

Izaac Ronay is an Editor at Money Morning.

He has traded equity index and interest rate futures since 2012 across various exchanges and products. His trading focuses on the relationship between markets and how to maximise return while controlling risk.

Izaac studied Management and International Business and has worked in supply chain and marketing roles within small and large Australian businesses.

He has been actively investing in the stock market since 2007 and believes the best investments are those that align with the most significant evolving themes.

The Great Crypto Debate

Cryptocurrencies are one of the more divisive topics in the investing world. There’s plenty of people out there who think it’s a scam. And there’s many who think it’s the future of money.

We Need to Talk about Immigration

To some, it’s a dirty word, and for others, a reason to celebrate. I’m not particularly interested in the politics around it. I want to talk about some of the economic impacts of immigration. In fact, one of our neighbours and close allies is an excellent case study for us to consider. There’s also an important reason why this is something we need to be talking about right now.

Watch the RBA Decision Closely Today

The key here is that wage inflation would underpin sustained inflation across the whole economy. So if wages are heading higher, that’ll give the RBA confidence that inflation is sustainable. 
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