Jason McIntosh

Jason McIntosh is a professional quantitative analyst. Before he graduated in 1991 he joined Bankers Trust — a Wall Street investment bank — to be a trader. After Bankers Trust was taken over in 1999, Jason, already financially independent, co-founded a stock market advisory and funds management business called Fat Prophets. At 37 he sold his part of that business and retired. These days, he’s a private trader and system developer. In 2014 he launched the wildly successful trading service: Quant Trader.

Trading Rules Make All the Difference

A set of trading rules could make all the difference… It could give you the confidence to stay on big trends, and the know-how to exit your trades with consistency. The right rules could also help you resist the urge to take profits too soon.

The Trade that Defines My Career

I’m going to tell you about a defining moment in my career. It involves a trade that would have a lasting influence…a trade that gave me confidence that I’d make it as a trader.

How to Avoid Turning a Big Win into a Wipeout

You don’t make money when you buy — you make it when you sell. I’ve seen many traders come and go over the years. One of the leading reasons they fail is due to poor exits. Their mistake often comes down to one of two things.

Doing This Could Bag You a Triple-Digit Gain

What really matters, in my view, is your selling strategy. This has the greatest impact on your trading results. It’s the swing factor that separates the best traders from the pack. I talk a lot about letting winners run and cutting losers.

Your Limits May Be Greater than You Think

‘Will I ever be able to do this?’ These words can creep into our minds when a goal seems beyond reach. We think about where we are — then where we want to be — and wonder how we’ll ever get there. Now, this can apply to anything. It could be with trading, business, sport or study.
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