Jason McIntosh

Jason McIntosh is a professional quantitative analyst. Before he graduated in 1991 he joined Bankers Trust — a Wall Street investment bank — to be a trader. After Bankers Trust was taken over in 1999, Jason, already financially independent, co-founded a stock market advisory and funds management business called Fat Prophets. At 37 he sold his part of that business and retired. These days, he’s a private trader and system developer. In 2014 he launched the wildly successful trading service: Quant Trader.

A Trader’s Greatest Risk

What do you think is a trader’s greatest risk? Many people will say it’s a market crash. Others believe the danger lies in putting too much money in the wrong stock, or taking advice from the wrong people.

The Benefits of Shorting

The key benefit of short selling is that it can smooth fluctuations in your portfolio. Shorting allows you to potentially profit from falling prices.
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