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Jason shares his extensive knowledge of Australia’s mining sector as Money Morning’s dedicated resource analyst. Whether it’s iron ore, gold, copper or lithium, you can rely on Jason to give you in-depth analysis of the biggest and most important sector of our economy. Jason provides in-depth research to Resource Speculator, Australia’s premier resource investment advisory. If you’d like to know more about Jason’s financial world view and investing philosophy then we recommend you join him on Google+. It's where he shares investment insight, commentary and ideas that he can't always fit into his regular Money Morning essays.

Jason Stevenson is Money Morning’s resource analyst.

He believes that the best way to make money is, and always has been, to back Australia’s best explorers, miners and refiners.

Before joining the team at Money Morning, Jason worked at boutique firms which advised fund managers and high net wealth clients where to invest.

Now he brings that expertise to Money Morning, where he provides readers with his take on the Aussie resource sector. Whether it’s iron ore, oil and gas, gold or lithium, you’re guaranteed in-depth analysis of Australia’s biggest and most important sector.

Jason is also the analyst for the leading resource investment advisory Resource Speculator. This is where he shares the best mining prospects and natural resource plays he finds on the ASX.

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