Kiryll Prakapenka

Kiryll Prakapenka is an investing autodidact who is passionate about conducting in-depth research on investments. Kiryll brings sound analytical skills to his work, courtesy of his Philosophy degree from The University of Melbourne. A student of legendary investors and their strategies, Kiryll likes to synthesise macroeconomic narratives with a keen understanding of the fundamentals behind companies.

Pilbara Minerals Shares: Second BMX Auction Completed (ASX:PLS)

The Pilbara Minerals [ASX:PLS] successfully held its second lithium digital auction via the Battery Material Exchange (BMX).Pilbara said it intends to accept the highest bid of US$2,240/dmt (SC5.5, FOB Port Hedland basis) for the intended 8,000dmt cargo. PLS shares are currently trading at $2.52 per share, up 11.50%.
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