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Can Tron CEO Sell Warren Buffett on Crypto and Bitcoin?

The integration of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency has been far from smooth sailing .But it’s something Mr Sun believes is achievable: ‘...we want to show him the recent progress of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It’s not only about Tron itself, it’s about crypto and blockchain, the whole industry.’

The Smart Way to Invest in Uber

Uber's recent development just goes to show how 5G is a technology crucial for facilitating the world of tomorrow. Uber Air is just one invention that will need to utilise the insanely fast network speeds that 5G will provide. And there’s no question that other companies will need to do the same.

Will 5G Be the End of Globalisation?

There might not be any talk of missile threats yet, or of nations tip-toeing the line of nuclear war, but the tension is there all the same. Both nations are engaged in a very public war of words, with pursed lips and barely hidden animosity — with the US employing a strict tough love stance and China on the defensive.
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