Matt Hibbard

Matt Hibbard is Money Morning’s income specialist. With nearly three decades in the markets, Matt has traded just about every asset class there is. The one thing that has stuck with him over this time is a very simple premise. That is, it’s the cash a company generates that ultimately determines its value. Sure, some stocks might fly away to multi-digit gains. But unless these companies can convert the ‘story’ into real money, the market will eventually find them out. And when that happens, the share price quickly falls back to Earth. Matt is also the editor of Options Trader, where he shows subscribers how to use basic options strategies to generate income. This is income they can generate on top of regular dividend payments. Matt doesn’t play the prediction game, where the aim is to be proven ‘right’. Instead, his goal is to generate as much income as he can for his subscribers, irrespective of whether the market is going up or down.

Property Market about to Bounce?

It looks like the powers that be are determined to get our property market shooting higher again sooner rather than later. We’ve had two interest rate cuts and now APRA has announced that banks can lend people more money based on the amount of money they earn currently.

The Most Forgotten Asset of All

You can’t eliminate risk altogether. A bear market, or a dramatic shock, can see any asset class fall.There is one asset class, however, that investors forget about in a bull market. This asset class is cash.

Who Wants to Be the Teacher’s Pet?

The ANZ Bank led the charge after the RBA’s announcement. ANZ’s decision to come out so early with their announcement was, depending on your view, either foolhardy or brave. For both the CBA and NAB, it was a pat on the head from the Treasurer. A sign that they were toeing the line.

Why You Missed This 10-Bagger

Have you ever sold shares based on someone else’s analysis, only for the share price to soar? Or, bought into someone else’s pick, just before it tanks?

‘Enough’, He Cries

After the shemozzle of the last decade, people have had politics up to their back teeth. All they want now is for the newly re-elected PM to get on with it, and to let them get on with their own lives as well.

How to Up Your Income Flow

One way to generate an extra lot of income beyond dividends is to write (sell) call options. By writing a call option, you are agreeing to hand over these shares at the option’s strike price, if the buyer exercises the option.
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