Matt Hibbard

Matt Hibbard is Money Morning’s income specialist. With nearly three decades in the markets, Matt has traded just about every asset class there is. The one thing that has stuck with him over this time is a very simple premise. That is, it’s the cash a company generates that ultimately determines its value. Sure, some stocks might fly away to multi-digit gains. But unless these companies can convert the ‘story’ into real money, the market will eventually find them out. And when that happens, the share price quickly falls back to Earth. That’s why, over at Total Income, Matt is on the hunt for the next generation of dividend-payers. Stocks that should be able to pay their shareholders reliable and rising dividends into the future. Matt is also the editor of Options Trader, where he shows subscribers how to use basic options strategies to generate income. This is income they can generate on top of regular dividend payments. Matt doesn’t play the prediction game, where the aim is to be proven ‘right’. Instead, his goal is to generate as much income as he can for his subscribers, irrespective of whether the market is going up or down.

Why Aren’t Wages Growing?

There are reasons why wages just won’t grow. And it all about economics. Whether we like it or not, it all comes back to the global economy. It’s something we are a part of, whether we signed up to it, or not.

The Challenge of Wage Growth

If wages could just increase enough, they argue, we’d all have more money to spend. In turn, that would lead to higher demand and activity.But here’s the kicker.

Is It Time to Buy Shares in Limited’s [ASX:KGN] share price continues to plummet this morning following yesterday’s massive 33% drop. At time of writing, Kogan shares down 70% since its record high of $9.85 on 16 March 2018.

Trading Strategy: How to Avoid This Mug’s Game

Sometimes, buying into a former high-flying stock that is wallowing at a fraction of an earlier price, can be too tempting to pass up. You do the usual mug’s mental gymnastics: Yep, it’s fallen a lot…it looks cheap…surely it can’t go much lower than this...
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