Murray Dawes

Murray Dawes is the Editor of Pivot Trader and contributing Editor at Money Morning. He was one of five, from 5,000 applicants, chosen for a graduate position with the Swiss Banking Corporation — now part of banking giant UBS. The bosses quickly cottoned on to his potential and pushed him up the ranks as a futures broker on the floors of the Sydney Futures Exchange. Murray later broke out on his own and developed custom trading systems to trade leveraged financial instruments like futures. Due to his success, Murray became the ‘hired gun’ trader for Australia’s rich and famous. Today, Murray runs a trading service through Port Phillip Publishing to help everyday Aussie investors use his advanced trading methods.

Trader’s Corner — This Is Why Gold Could Hit US$1,500

Let’s have a quick look at the gold price using my method. One of the key things I have shown you is that markets have a habit of having false breakouts far more often than breakouts. Gold is currently having a false break of the 2011 high that remained the all-time high for nine years.
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