Ryan Clarkson-Ledward

Ryan Clarkson-Ledward is one of Money Morning’s junior analysts. Ryan holds degrees in both communication and international business. He helps bring Money Morning readers the latest market updates, both locally and abroad. Ryan tackles all the issues investors need to know about that the mainstream media neglects. Ryan’s primary focus is assisting Sam Volkering with background research and insight for readers by dissecting the latest events affecting the world. Working closely with Sam, they explore the latest in small-cap and technology stocks as well as cryptocurrency opportunities. You can find Ryan’s contributing research, developments, and supporting information across several e-letters, including:

Australia Needs to Be More Complex to Survive

According to a group of Harvard academics, Australia is rich because we are fortunate. We rely on selling simple things like the minerals in our land to make us wealthy. This has certainly worked well for us so far, but according to the Harvard brains, also puts us at risk. We lack ‘complexity’ in their view.

Economics is Never Truly Scientific

Unlike chemistry, physics or physiology, economics is never truly scientific. Science is an empirical art form. You take an idea, you remove all unrelated variables and you test it over and over again until you get a result.

Chin Up, It’s Good for the Economy

I don’t think you should be worried about economics as we know it imploding. We may see a dip — big or small — but the world will go on. Not only will it go on, but it will become better, smarter and more advanced. Everyone will enjoy the benefits of a brighter tomorrow.
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