Ryan Dinse

Ryan Dinse is an Editor at Money Morning. He has worked in finance and investing for the past two decades as a financial planner, senior credit analyst, equity trader and fintech entrepreneur. With an academic background in economics, he believes that the key to making good investments is investing appropriately at each stage of the economic cycle. Different market conditions provide different opportunities. Ryan combines fundamental, technical and economic analysis with the goal of making sure you are in the right investments at the right time.  

Peak Panic Is Close. Are You Ready?

Things will get better. And if we can avoid the worst economic consequences, the markets will be ready to rebound at some point. Now is the time to think, strategise, and have your plan ready.

Time to Load Up on ‘TRaaS’ Stocks

We’re getting close to the time when smart investors start looking for opportunities as everyone else panics around them. If you’re going to try and ‘buy the dip’ though, I’d advise being careful. To take advantage of other people’s panic, you need to make sure you get in as cheap as possible.

Why You Can Expect a Market Bounce

The question for investors is not whether we’ll get a relief rally. We almost certainly will for reasons I’ll outline shorty. But will it be V-shaped and result in the bull market continuing? Or will it be a W-shape with a few stops and starts?

Why the Pros Are Paying 220% Crypto Premium

Big investors are prepared to pay so far over the odds so that they can avoid a lot of ‘crypto headaches’ that come from owning cryptocurrency directly. For them even with the inflated costs, many have deemed it an acceptable risk.
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