Ryan Dinse

Ryan Dinse is an Editor at Money Morning. He has worked in finance and investing for the past two decades as a financial planner, senior credit analyst, equity trader and fintech entrepreneur. With an academic background in economics, he believes that the key to making good investments is investing appropriately at each stage of the economic cycle. Different market conditions provide different opportunities. Ryan combines fundamental, technical and economic analysis with the goal of making sure you are in the right investments at the right time.  

Surviving Trump’s Trade War

Trump can completely cut off trade with China if he wants. A very scary thought for Australia. China is our biggest trading partner and the main source of demand for our exports...

Aussie Property Prices: The Marginal Idiot Rules

Interest rates are falling — and likely to fall further. This might help some of these struggling mortgage holders get out of arrears or be able to reduce their monthly payments. But it’ll also allow new borrowers to borrow more.

It’s All or Nothing: Trade Relations with China

The rise of the Chinese century created mass wealth for those Australians lucky enough to ride the stock market and property tail winds that came with it. And today, China remains far and away our most important trading partner...

5G Tech Takes Humanity to the Next Level

5G will make manufacturing better in a number of ways. But the biggest impact is through the world of big data. In manufacturing, the same effect is taking hold. And 5G is set to turbo charge the effects.

Three Investments for Today’s Topsy-turvy World

Could these investments do better than gold? As the world moves further down the negative interest rate rabbit hole, the gold price continues to surge higher. But most of my trading attention right now is in two other areas that could move higher for much the same reasons as gold...

Australia’s War on Freedom

There’s a war on freedom going on. But it’s got nothing to do with religion. We here at Money Morning have been watching this unfolding situation for a while.
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