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Sam Volkering is Editor for Money Morning and its small-cap, cryptocurrency and technology expert. He’s not interested in boring blue-chip stocks. He’s after explosive investments; companies whose shares trade for cents on the dollar, cryptocurrencies that can deliver life-changing returns. He looks for the ‘edge of the bell curve’ opportunities that are often shunned by those in the financial services industry. If you’d like to learn about the specific investments Sam is recommending in either small-cap stocks or cryptocurrencies, take a 30-day trial of his small-cap investment advisory Australian Small-Cap Investigator here, or a 30-day trial of his industry leading cryptocurrency service, ‘Sam Volkering’s Secret Crypto Network’ here. But that’s not where Sam’s talents end. Sam specialises in finding new, cutting edge tech and translating that research into how the future will look — and where the opportunities lie. It’s his job to trawl the world to find, analyse, research and recommend investments in the world’s most revolutionary companies. He recommends the best ones he finds in his premium investment service, Revolutionary Tech Investor. Sam goes to the lengths of the globe and works 24/7 to get these opportunities to you before the mainstream catches on. Click here to take a 30-day no-obligation trial of Revolutionary Tech Investor today. Websites and financial e-letters Sam writes for:

Will This Carmaker Smash Tesla’s Stock to Pieces?

The company that’s going to change the EV industry could crush Tesla Inc [NASDAQ:TSLA]. If the EV market develops as I expect then I continue to hold the view that owning Tesla stock is the worst investment in the auto industry you could possibly make.

History Repeats Itself in the Crypto Market

The same things happened in the early days. And as we know, things went quiet for a while before we had another boom and bust. Rinse and repeat, but on a bigger scale with more users, more people involved, more crypto to choose from and exponentially more value on the table.

The Future of Vehicular Transport

In today’s offering, first published on 15 October, your editor Sam Volkering discusses electric vehicles, their tech, their future and the opportunities in play today.

The Markets Aren’t as Bad as You Think

Sure things aren’t perfectly rosy. There are issues in government, in banking and finance, in digital communications. There are problems everywhere. But none of it is really as bad as the media would have you believe.

How to Make Money from the Black Friday Sales

There’s a long running assumption that in the lead up to Black Friday sales prices go up. That’s rubbish. But while the perils of managing cash flow in a retail business is one thing, the real question you have is, how do you make money from Black Friday sales?

How to Stay Ahead of the Markets

We do our best to warn you of impending crises. And we also do our best to alert you to potential life-changing opportunities when they arise. Sometimes we’re right. Sometimes we’re wrong. But on the balance of it, we’re often far more right than wrong.
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