About Tyler Jefferson

Tyler Jefferson joined Port Phillip Publishing in 2012. With a background in publishing, he started out as part of the team working behind the scenes with your Editors to bring you Money Morning each day.

When he joined, Tyler was Port Phillip Publishing’s 12th employee. Today that number has grown to over 50, as more and more readers turn to Money Morning as their source for independent financial analysis and ideas.

Tyler still edits every article published in Money Morning and, as the Editor of the weekend edition, each Saturday he brings you an overview of the analysis from your Money Morning team that week — along with his own irreverent take on the most interesting news and opportunities for you.

Riding a Tsunami of Mainstream Money

cryptocurrency bitcoinThe mainstream is well and truly coming for bitcoin. As of 10 December, the Chicago-based Cboe Futures Exchange will become the first US exchange to list bitcoin futures. The shock announcement came this week. Cboe won't have the spotlight to themselves for long, though.

Is it Time to Sell the Banks?

banks royal commission into wrongdoingCalls for an inquiry into misconduct in the banking industry have been coming for some time. If public confidence in the banks is shaken, that could be more damaging than the real potential for misconduct to be brought to light and punished. So, is this the end of the banks’ dominance in Australia? Are our favourite dividend-paying stocks in trouble?

Safer Than Houses?

australian housing with bitcoinFor years, there’s been no more reliable investment class in Australia than residential property in our major cities. But increasingly, it looks like 2017 could be the year that changes.