Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas
financial stocks are declining
This Sector Is an AVOID!
financial stocks are decliningThere is a good chance that the long term impact of this royal commission will be a complete dismantling of bank business models. As I pointed out yesterday, banks are already starting to put their funds management businesses up for sale. Next, the rest of the wealth management arms (including the financial planning networks) will probably go too.
Chaos in International Relations
Oil markets investingHang on, I thought Trump and everyone else was getting ready to fight North Korea’s Kim Jong-un? Apparently not. Syria is now the target of Trump’s wrath. The biffo is both ideological and economic. The other motivating force behind this ongoing war though is — surprise, surprise — energy.
Watch These Two Chinese Economic Indicators
chinese economy indicators, global techAmongst all the panic and hand-wringing over what the volatility of the past week means, we haven’t heard much about China. Which is kind of crucial, especially for Australia. Put simply (and accurately) if China holds up, Australia will be fine. So, is China holding up?
Oil is The Investment Story of 2018
oil price surgeThe sad fact is that when an investment opportunity is unloved, un-hyped and generally off the mainstream radar, no one wants to know. But the reality is that it’s unloved sectors where you can frequently make the biggest returns. Oil could be the story of 2018.