Crude Oil

Crude oil is a naturally occurring, unrefined petroleum product, formed from the remains of small animals and plants found at the bottom of the ocean. Over time and under increased pressure and temperature, the remains of these organisms are covered by mud and hardened into rock.

Crude oil is currently used as gasoline, diesel, heating oil (to heat buildings), and other forms of petrochemicals. They’re a great source of fuel, but our resources are limited — they will, and are, running out.

Our heavy reliance on these fossil fuels is also controversial politically because of their environmental impacts.

Nevertheless, the oil market tends to go through cycles of value, so timing an investment where you buy in low and sell high could prove beneficial for your investment portfolio.

There are many ways to invest in crude oil. You can invest directly in oil as a commodity, or indirectly in ownership of energy-related equities. The United States, Saudi Arabia, and Russia are the leading producers of oil in the world. The price of crude oil is generally volatile and subject to various economic situations.

You can read more about the energy source below, where we keep you up to date with all the current news and events regarding crude oil.

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Attack of the Drones

With the startling news over the weekend of an attack on key oil infrastructure in Saudi Arabia, the week has started off with a bang. Whether it turns into a whimper or not remains to be seen.
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