Natural Gas

Australia’s gas industry is experiencing an exceptional period of growth, cementing its place as an important component in our resource sector.

Australia’s natural gas is virtually abundant, and now that coal-generated energy is in the decline, natural gas is an attractive choice for fuel and electricity as it is efficient and clean burning.

In fact, according to a Department of Industry, Innovation and Science report, by 2020, Australia is set to become one of the biggest natural gas exporters, thanks to multiple LNG (liquefied natural gas) plans, furthering its potential as a valuable investment.

What is Natural Gas?

Natural gas is odourless, non-toxic and colourless. It’s a key source of power generation, typically used for cooling and heating.

As natural gas is much cleaner and produces less greenhouse gas than other forms, it’s quickly becoming a prominent source for fuel, preferred over the likes of oil or coal — potentially being the green investment choice of the future.

What Makes Natural Gas a Good Investment?

Despite Australia’s current concerns over the energy sector, and the resources which are most suitable to provide power, natural gas could be the answer when it comes to transitioning from coal to gas-fired electricity production.

With both China and India’s growing appetite for cleaner energy, the International Energy Agency projects that use of natural gas will have grown 45% by 2040, enhancing Australia’s role as a leading gas supplier.

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