Zimplats share price rise
The Resources Boom Happening Under Your Nose
resources boomWhether you are making money in booming property or booming crypto, there’s no great lure to get back into speculative miners. But maybe that’s a signal to start looking here? While everyone’s looking at the current hot sectors, the best opportunities usually lie the other way.
Why Gold Might Be about to Surge
gold set to surge higherGiven the headwinds facing gold, it’s held up surprisingly well. The bitcoin phenomenon, bullish equity markets, a strong economy and rising interest rates are all traditionally negative for gold. Gold has had a pretty good year, considering. It’s trending higher and I think there is a good chance of it taking another leg up sooner rather than later.
Commodity Bull to Roll on
market in 2017To get a better idea of how the Chinese economy is travelling, keep an eye on commodity prices like iron ore and oil. China is the major buyer of these crucial commodities. While their prices remain supported, you know the Chinese economy is doing OK.