Resource and Mining Stocks
Resource and Mining Stocks
rio tinto share price
Rio Tinto Share Price Falls
rio tinto share priceToday Rio Tinto Ltd [ASX:RIO] have dropped by 4.85% in share value. Despite the drop Rio Tinto are trading at a much higher value, as in March last year their shares were trading at $60.46, now they are worth significantly more, trading at $73.50 a share.
The Big Problem with the Global Economy
global economy problems stemming from trade warsThe latest news to worry investors is the prospect of a trade war. The big problem here is that the post-Second World War global economy isn’t really designed for balanced global trade. It was for a little while. But as the US began to consume more than it produced in the 1960s, gold started leaving Fort Knox to balance the tab.
BHP versus Rio Tinto
BHP, Rio TintoResources have been the big outperformers since the global bull market got underway in early 2016. Since those lows, BHP’s share price has soared nearly 130% (to the January 2018 peak), while RIO’s isn’t far behind, up just over 126%.
The Leading Technology of Your Lifetime
technology and grapheneSince its discovery in 2004 by UK-based researchers Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, researchers have been salivating at the possibilities of the unique material that is graphene. It has applications in nearly every industry, from new ones like batteries and renewables to established industries like microchips and construction. Consider the markets it is set to disrupt.