Australian housing bubble
Why Commonwealth Bank’s Share Price Has Bounced Back
Commonwealth Bank Share Priice2018 has for the most part been a year to forget for CBA, well in fact it’s been a year that all the big four banks would like to forget I’m sure. CBA’s share price has fallen by over 10% within the last year, however the stock has been making a slow, but steady recovery over the last month. Find out why here...
The Shambles of Brexit
Politic relationship between Europe Union and Great Britain. BrexitAs we all know the British public say ‘YES’ to Brexit. This result shocked a lot of people. Actually it really just shocked middle and upper class people from London. Everyone else in the country was sick of being the EU’s whipping boy and they wanted their Britain back.
Zelda Therapeutics Share Price Up 2.27%
zelda share priceShares of Zelda Therapeutics Ltd [ASX:ZLD] climbed over 2% in today’s first half hour of trading. Shares are trading at $0.090 at the time of writing, a 2.27% rise for the day. The company brings together leading researchers and clinicians in the study of medical cannabis.