Australian Economy
Australian Economy
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The ‘Magic’ of the Aussie Dollar
aussie dollarAustralia, as an investment destination, suffers from an increase in risk perceptions. Foreign capital is less willing to invest here, or buy debt issued by the banks to fund the mortgages of Aussie battlers. As a result, the Aussie dollar falls. However, the ‘magic’ of a falling dollar is that it increases the purchasing power of foreign currency.
Australia, You Have Problems…
aussie market problemsYesterday’s sharp fall below support at 6,000 points (and back to where we were three or 10 years ago) suggests a certain malaise in our economy. Australia has deep seated problems that go well beyond a one-day stock market panic. Let me explain.
Bulls Keep Charging in US Market
US market continues to chargeOvernight, the main US indices all traded higher. No one really knows why. But stocks are going up, and people just want to buy them before they go up even more. It certainly feels like a crowd mentality on Wall Street right now. The bulls are clearly in control.
Australia Has Everything Riding on One Bad Bet
Aussie property in declineAustralians, individually and collectively, have bet everything on housing. And every year, we double down on that bet. There’s no certainty that 2018 will be the year our housing gamble goes bust. But it would be madness to be certain that it can’t. Aussie property investors in Australia could be in for a rough year.
Get Ready for Even Lower Interest Rates
interest rates could go lowerJust because rates have been at records lows doesn’t mean they can’t go any lower. For one, there’s the Aussie property market to think about. However, by looking at what the big banks are doing, we can glean what the RBA is likely to do in the future.