Australian Economy
Australian Economy
retail industry collapsing
2018: The Year Aussie Retail Collapses
retail industry collapsingOver the past three years, we’ve seen brand after brand crumble — without even mentioning retailers in receivership. 2018 may be the year that Aussie retail finally falls flat on its face. But there’s enough evidence to suggest that it tripped over a long time ago.
The End of the Strong Aussie Dollar
aussie dollarThe Aussie dollar is getting a boost from stronger commodity prices. Recent price rises have helped push the dollar higher. The Aussie dollar has had a strong start to the year. However, it may be more cyclical than anything to do with the underlying strength in the Aussie dollar.
When’s a Tax Cut Not a Tax Cut?
tax cuts not really tax cutsI’m all for tax cuts, but personal tax cuts are what needs to be on the table. And the issue of fairness needs to be addressed too. Society can’t function when the only people paying tax are honest middle-class workers.
The True Threat to Aussie Banks
banks biggest threat is blockchain technologyAs long as the big four can comfortably maintain their positions at the heart of Australian finance, it’s unlikely to change. There’s little competition for the big four, outside one another. But that comfortable position may not be as secure as they think.
Watch this Crucial Market Reaction
market reaction to the US tax cutsThe difference between US and Aussie companies and investors can be broken down as simple as this. The US is more strategic, whereas the Aussie market has a much greater focus on value. I do think US stocks are stretched and vulnerable to a short term correction. And as I said yesterday, that correction could come about as soon as the US tax cut rumour becomes fact.
What the Experts Think for 2018
bitcoin 2018The further away from ‘normal’ a prediction is, the less our brain is inclined to believe it. That anchoring mechanism is then backed up by a second survival trait. The tendency to stay in the safety of the herd. The result?