Australian Economy
Australian Economy
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Why a Market ‘Melt-Up’ is Ahead
markets on the riseIf history is any guide, we need to see the kind of share price rises that turn the doubters into believers. It’s a sad fact that the general public tend to get optimistic at exactly the wrong time. Clearly that time is not now. The good news for you if you want to invest in growth is that the ‘melt-up’ phase is still ahead of you.
Aussie Banks In Line for Digital Disruption
fintech causing disruptionATM use is in decline. As technology sends transaction costs towards zero, banks will no longer be able to charge exorbitant fees for standardised, commoditised services. Growth will have to come from elsewhere. This is a sign of things to come for Aussie banks.
Fintech Picking Banks’ Pockets
blockchain technologyThe value of our money is based on faith. Faith in the credit of our government’s monetary policy. This is why the concept of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies is so powerful. People may start to realise it’s the only safe haven left in the next crisis.