China Economy
China Economy
trade war potential and how to profit from it
Is China’s Economy Slowing?
investment opportunities with china's infrastructure projectIf China’s growth is strong, foreigners will continue to lend to us, and we can continue to swap houses with each other and get ‘rich’. But if China slows down, we'll see all that cheap credit drying up.
Asian Markets Crack
trade war possibility diminishing between US and China, contest, marketsUS markets remain healthy, while markets in Asia aren’t. Does this mean that the threat of a trade war will hurt China more than the US? Or is there more to the story?
Bellamy’s Organic Share Price Drops by a Staggering 5.9%
Bellamy’s Australia,Beginners guide to stock market investingThere’s been a huge drop in the share price of Bellamy’s Australia Ltd [ASX:BAL] today. The stock saw a decrease of 5.9% this morning. Bellamy’s is a Tasmanian-founded dairy company. It’s the parent of Bellamy’s Organic, a producer of baby food and formula. It’s push for natural and organic products gives it an appealing edge in today’s health-conscious market.