Global Economy
Global Economy
Gold Price Approaches Make or Break Moment
goldIf gold price breaks through US$1,370 it could indicate the start of a new long term uptrend. And this is why it’s rising. The real story behind gold’s rise — and the biggest financial story you’ve never heard of this year — is the declining US dollar.
What Lies Ahead for Apple?
apple companyThere are some big rumours out there. The biggest one is a potential ramping up of Apple's video streaming unit. Apple are reportedly planning on spending $1 billion to launch their own original content service in 2018.
Is it Bitcoin Hunting Season?
bitcoin huntingThe truth is it’s ‘bank hunting season’, and has been for about a decade now. And it’s not going to stop any time soon. The very existence of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies threaten the entire system. It challenges them with the fact that elitist greed and excess has an expiry date.
Fintech Picking Banks’ Pockets
blockchain technologyThe value of our money is based on faith. Faith in the credit of our government’s monetary policy. This is why the concept of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies is so powerful. People may start to realise it’s the only safe haven left in the next crisis.
How to Find the ASX’s Best Small-Cap Stocks
How to Find the ASX’s Best Small-Cap StocksNo company pays us to cover a stock. We don’t puff a stock to generate higher fees. The mainstream research game is full of conflict, influence and bias. And no other major financial institution provides the level of insight into small-cap ASX listed stocks like we do.
A Better Way to Judge Threats on the Market
global tensionNorth Korea is still causing quite a bit of angst. Look, it’s easy to get freaked out by this sort of stuff. For many, the inclination is to protect your capital by moving to more conservative investments or cash. To avoid these impulses, I have a little strategy you can employ.