Asia Economy

A Run on Chinese Banks, a Sign of What’s to Come

Imagine if police arrested people trying to pull their money out in Australia? Now, this is almost certainly not going to happen. Let’s dig into what’s happening in the world’s largest banking system. Understanding the Chinese financial system...

China on Track to Repeat Its 2015 Blunder

See, driving this incredible one-day result was a flood of retail investment. Everyday people in China are rushing to get into stocks. Following the guidance of their beloved leaders. According to early reports, a front-page editorial in the China Securities Journal is the culprit.

Surviving Trump’s Trade War

Trump can completely cut off trade with China if he wants. A very scary thought for Australia. China is our biggest trading partner and the main source of demand for our exports...

Coffee Wars

Chinese aren’t big coffee drinkers. At least, not yet. Remember, the Chinese are traditionally tea drinkers. But interest for coffee in China is growing...find out why

What We Can Learn from Japan’s Property Market

Back in the 1980s, Japan went through a period of record low interest rates that fuelled an asset bubble to record highs…sound familiar? The bubble pushed the stock market and real estate prices to new heights…and then it burst in 1992. It was devastating.

Is the China Boom Over?

Since the beginning of 2018, Chinese stocks have lost over 30% of their value. So what does China plan to do to increase spending and the economy as the boom finally comes to a close?
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