Emerging Markets
Emerging Markets
Platinum sare price rise, stock market, investors, bond
Bond Yield Breakout
Platinum sare price rise, stock market, investors, bondHere’s a general gist of the headlines over the past week or two… Global capital is flowing out of emerging markets. Bond prices in this sector are falling (meaning yields are rising) along with currencies and equity markets. Argentina has had to jack interest rates up to 40% to protect its currency, and then they still had to bring in the IMF for a bailout package.
Should You Be Keeping an Eye on Emerging Markets?
share analysis, budgetRemember back in 2007 when stock markets peaked out in October? Oil, on the other hand, continued surging higher. It peaked in July 2008, when it was clear the US financial system was in all sorts of trouble. If the global economy is slowing down, look to equity markets for clues, not the oil price.
Is This Bull Run Over?
Emerging MarketsAussie stocks bounced back strongly yesterday, and are set to open flat today, in a sign that the concern over a trade war is overdone. Perhaps Trump’s team have done their homework. Perhaps they now see that a ‘spend as much as you want’ policy in government doesn’t quite gel with ‘let’s reduce our trade deficit’.
Alphabet: Is This Tech Giant Retreating?
Alphabet smartwatch retreating in the marketJust last week Alphabet or Google as I still tend to call it — released a new suite of products. And although the company dropped the ‘Google’ name for the parent company, they’re clearly not averse to using it to promote their new line of hardware. In amongst this plethora of new products however, there was no new smartwatch.