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Uranium Price Forecasts See Breakout Set for 2018

This month the price of uranium reached US$27.30 a pound. Historically speaking, uranium prices have proved fickle, from its peak to trough range of US$143 May 2007 to US$7.10 in December 2000 respectively.The spot price of uranium remained relatively volatile throughout this year.

The Shambles of Brexit

As we all know the British public say ‘YES’ to Brexit. This result shocked a lot of people. Actually it really just shocked middle and upper class people from London. Everyone else in the country was sick of being the EU’s whipping boy and they wanted their Britain back.

When a Country Dies a Crypto Boom Is Born

If crisis hits again, people will flee the traditional system. They'll realise the current system isn’t as safe as they think. They’ll want something else. And crypto will be there, ready, waiting for them.

This Chart Suggests Aussies Have Their Wallets Open

Companies such as Qantas Airways Ltd [ASX:QAN] and Webjet Ltd [ASX:WEB], are trading around all time highs. When we relate that with what’s happening with US leisure stocks, and European luxury goods, the question you then ask yourself is, does any of this suggest an imminent recession?
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