North America Economy

Breville Stock Price Hits a 12.11% increase

This morning, Breville Group Limited [ASX: BRG] enjoyed a substantial increase in their stock price, following the release of their financial results ending 30 June 2018. The stock sits at $13.05 a share at time of writing, an increase of $1.41.

How to Take Advantage of the Bumpy Months Ahead

Where does the Composite sit today? Just below 3,000. There have been highs and lows along the way. But over a nine year period, the Composite is up just over 35%. It pales in comparison to the S&P 500’s 239% return, or the ASX 200’s 100% return over the same time.

Trillion Dollar Deficits

There can be little doubt that the US economy is strong right now. What’s harder to work out is whether stock prices have factored this in, or whether the bull market has more left in the tank.
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