Australian stock market
Victory for the Aussie Bulls in Sight
Aussie bull marketIf this support continues — and the signs are positive — then the Aussie market should indeed move higher in the coming weeks. And you just might see it break through the elusive 6,000 point barrier. If it can do that, it will be a decisive victory for the bulls.
Donald Has One Trump Card Left
trump cardsIf Donald Trump was a start-up, he’d be the perfect disruptor. As Trump has shown from day one, it’s dangerous to bet against him. Maybe the smarter thing to do is to bet with him? If so, tax cuts and infrastructure spending could prop up the US economy for a few years yet.
Why a Market ‘Melt-Up’ is Ahead
markets on the riseIf history is any guide, we need to see the kind of share price rises that turn the doubters into believers. It’s a sad fact that the general public tend to get optimistic at exactly the wrong time. Clearly that time is not now. The good news for you if you want to invest in growth is that the ‘melt-up’ phase is still ahead of you.
How to Profit from Shorting Stocks
shorting stocksShorting stocks is, in part, a process of reading market dynamics. What the buyers and sellers are doing. Especially those with informational advantages. The best investors learn to think independently, but invest with market dynamics in mind.