trade war
This Trade War May Have Little to Do with Trade
trade warChina is no longer a copycat of the West. They’re quickly becoming an innovation nation just like they’ve been saying. The government just spent US$10 billion to build a quantum lab. According to the OECD, China is now the second largest scientific powerhouse, behind the US. And as you can see, China is pumping out patents like crazy.
Blue Sky Valuation
Stocks sell off, valuationI’m going to talk about valuation…as in fundamental, old school asset valuation. I’m also going to talk investor psychology and how when you get the two of them working together, or in this case against each other, the results can be spectacular. And given the recent controversy over Blue Sky Alternative Investments, I thought it would be interesting to perform an intrinsic value calculation to see where actual value is for the company.
On the Brink of a Bear Market
bear marketWhat do you do when you’re under political pressure for starting a potentially damaging trade war? You change the conversation and focus peoples’ attention on a real war, and cast yourself as the moral hero. What’s been happening in Syria for the past five years or so has been a disaster, and every major country involved has blood on their hands.
What’s the Price of Financial Independence?
Aussie economy financial freedom, cost of livingHow can one become financially independent? There are many plans that could potentially make you financially free if you are self-disciplined. Things like visualisation and planning can help you reach your goals. Budgeting is also a great way to monitor your spending.
Everyone Wants Your Data, Get Over It!
facebook data breach scandalSecuring data is now on everyone’s minds thanks to Facebook, Inc. Common Stock [NASDAQ:FB]. But most of the discussion is utter drivel. Yes Facebook takes your data and allows advertisers to target ads. They’ve been doing it for years. But all of a sudden, this agreement between Facebook and users is no good.
Trade War Firestorm More of an Ember
trade war possibility diminishing between US and China, contest, marketsThe threat of a trade war between the US and China has diminishing. It’s interesting to note that Trump’s continued threats seem to have forced China’s hand. Now that the threat of a US–China trade war is receding, Australia can turn its attention to more positive developments. The Australian government is hinting towards trade talks with Britain.
The Power of Narrative
stock market narrativeThe stuff that’s written about why the market did this or that on a daily basis is a good example of short term narrative. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t. Because the new narrative in the market is that stocks are falling due to ‘trade fears’, any rise must mean that ‘trade fears’ aren’t as bad as first thought. You saw that yesterday with Wall Street’s strong recovery.
These Must-Watch Industries Could Explode within Years
technology industries to keep an eye onChina already is one of the great patent producers in the world. Now that the government has doubled their quota, you’d expect China to increase their tech focus. China isn’t just thinking for themselves anymore. They’ve become one of the most important contributors to our global technology advance. And they’re helping to create must-watch industries, which hold huge promise for the future.