bitcoin 2018
What the Experts Think for 2018
bitcoin 2018The further away from ‘normal’ a prediction is, the less our brain is inclined to believe it. That anchoring mechanism is then backed up by a second survival trait. The tendency to stay in the safety of the herd. The result?
ASX Jumps on the Blockchain Bandwagon
blockchain technology‘The ASX will move its equity markets settlement and clearing system onto blockchain-inspired technology'. So there you have it. Blockchain technology is real. It’s not a mirage. It’s not a fad, as so many have suggested. It’s simply a better technology, which is going to replace the old ways of doing things.
Is it Time to Sell the Banks?
banks royal commission into wrongdoingCalls for an inquiry into misconduct in the banking industry have been coming for some time. If public confidence in the banks is shaken, that could be more damaging than the real potential for misconduct to be brought to light and punished. So, is this the end of the banks’ dominance in Australia? Are our favourite dividend-paying stocks in trouble?
Why Banks Now Want a Royal Commission
banks royal commission inquiryThe royal commission is likely to recommend increases in regulation, red tape and bureaucracy as the solution to the problems that arise. They are less likely to look at options like increasing market competition or mandating technological improvements. And funnily enough, that’s perhaps what the big four banks actually want in the current environment.
Commodity Bull to Roll on
market in 2017To get a better idea of how the Chinese economy is travelling, keep an eye on commodity prices like iron ore and oil. China is the major buyer of these crucial commodities. While their prices remain supported, you know the Chinese economy is doing OK.
The NBN Debacle that Keeps on Giving
NBN debacleIt’s the debacle that keeps on giving. It’s perfect symbolism for an inept, wasteful and completely incompetent Australian political system. Because access charges for the NBN are higher than what the consumer is prepared to pay, providers are taking shortcuts and trying to protect their margins by providing a poorer service.