US interest rates
Why US Interest Rates Will Remain Low
US interest ratesAs the world’s largest stock market (the S&P 500) continues to trade near record highs, you’d assume the US economy is strong, right? The market is adjusting to ‘lower for longer’ interest rates. As long as economic growth doesn’t slow too much, this is the primary reason why stocks will remain elevated.
Bitcoin — Keep Your Eyes on the Highs
bitcoin market skyrocketingBitcoin is all the rage at the moment. No wonder…it’s trading around US$4,800, up a gazillion percent or so over the past five years. How do you put a price on the strength of the underlying technology? That’s the market’s job. As it tries to estimate the correct value, it will overshoot and undershoot intrinsic value.
Alphabet: Is This Tech Giant Retreating?
Alphabet smartwatch retreating in the marketJust last week Alphabet or Google as I still tend to call it — released a new suite of products. And although the company dropped the ‘Google’ name for the parent company, they’re clearly not averse to using it to promote their new line of hardware. In amongst this plethora of new products however, there was no new smartwatch.
Why Interest Rates are on Hold for a Long Time
interest rates being heldThe general view has gone from one of another potential interest rate cut, to a question of when the rate rising cycle will start. But the just-completed reporting season didn’t exactly confirm that view. Overall, earnings growth was lacklustre. But that’s what you should expect in a low growth economy.