US Economy
US Economy
Investment Strategy: It’s Rational to Expect the Irrational
US Political Volatility Boosts Gold Price
Gold barsUS politics is not looking like it’s going to be a beacon of calm over the rest of the Trump presidency. And the massive US debt ceiling problem is not going away. Such volatility usually triggers more investment into safe haven assets. To my mind Gold could be the big winner in the short term.
The End (of Money) is Nigh
Cryptocurrency And Digital MoneyIn this chaotic political environment we live in, where the western democracies trust their political class less and less, a new form of money has sprung up. You need to know about it. Because it changes money as we know it.
Dow Hits Record Highs Overnight
USA Stock Exchange Record HighThe index, which represents the top 30 most valuable in the US, hit its 24th record high for the year in trading yesterday. Though it was only a small 0.1% increase that inched its way to this achievement. Why…