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US Economy
US interest rates
Why US Interest Rates Will Remain Low
US interest ratesAs the world’s largest stock market (the S&P 500) continues to trade near record highs, you’d assume the US economy is strong, right? The market is adjusting to ‘lower for longer’ interest rates. As long as economic growth doesn’t slow too much, this is the primary reason why stocks will remain elevated.
Donald Has One Trump Card Left
trump cardsIf Donald Trump was a start-up, he’d be the perfect disruptor. As Trump has shown from day one, it’s dangerous to bet against him. Maybe the smarter thing to do is to bet with him? If so, tax cuts and infrastructure spending could prop up the US economy for a few years yet.
Did Fedex Just Give a ‘Buy’ Signal?
FedexFedex is a kind of bellwether for the state of the underlying economy. One company whose results give you a snapshot of the strength of consumer demand. If it’s doing well, then the economy is generally doing well. After all, consumer spending drives approximately 70% of all economic growth.
Gold Price Approaches Make or Break Moment
goldIf gold price breaks through US$1,370 it could indicate the start of a new long term uptrend. And this is why it’s rising. The real story behind gold’s rise — and the biggest financial story you’ve never heard of this year — is the declining US dollar.
US Political Volatility Boosts Gold Price
Gold barsUS politics is not looking like it’s going to be a beacon of calm over the rest of the Trump presidency. And the massive US debt ceiling problem is not going away. Such volatility usually triggers more investment into safe haven assets. To my mind Gold could be the big winner in the short term.