Could the US Fed Save Aussie Housing? [VIDEO]

While I’m sure our own Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is more concerned with Aussie figures, we seem to be going the way of the US. Aussie rates have been on pause for years. And the next move might potentially be down.

What’s Your Perception of the Markets?

Building a plan, learning about finance and markets isn’t natural to everyone. It’s also not easy. But with the right approach, the right mindset and the right access to advice, knowledge and insight, everyone has a chance to build themselves a financial future that gives them the best life they could hope for.

The Paper Threat: Huawei

You’ve probably heard a lot about the ‘Ban Huawei’ movement Trump is pushing. It was enough to get us Aussies on board. New Zealand is toeing the line. But countries in Europe are less obliging.

How to Get High on the Cannabis Carousel

When it comes to marijuana stocks, how do you know which ones are set to soar? Is there a set of criteria specific to this new and relatively unexplored frontier that we can refer to? Is it really possible to make bank on bud?

We’re Just Getting Started, Says Father of the Web

You only have to go back three generations, though, to see an entirely different world. A world without Twitter and YouTube. A world where you might grow up on the farm, sheltered in a community that knows only what the local paper and passers-by tell them. But it’s just the beginning. So says the father of the web.

The Art of Hedge Funds

There once was a time when working at a hedge fund was a sure-fire way to show that you had made it. It was a path to potential life-changing wealth, a chance to work with the best and brightest.

Is THIS as Bad as It Gets?

Our central bank hasn’t taken us down the road of no return, yet. But we now find ourselves at a pause. Aussie economists are licking their fingers, putting them in the air and seeing which way the wind blows.

Time to Turn Bullish on Volatility?

Last year in the week after Match quad witching the S&P 500 fell 6.5%. If you look at the last 30 years of returns following March quad witching the average return is negative, so it makes sense to consider whether volatility may pick up in the immediate future.
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