Will 5G Be the End of Globalisation?

There might not be any talk of missile threats yet, or of nations tip-toeing the line of nuclear war, but the tension is there all the same. Both nations are engaged in a very public war of words, with pursed lips and barely hidden animosity — with the US employing a strict tough love stance and China on the defensive.

Nothing Surprises the Market

Nothing really ever surprises the market. This is why there is nothing more important than learning how to read a chart. And why you only ever trade with the trend. Because the chart is often pricing in conditions as best it can, weeks and months ahead.

Dear Reader, What Does Your Spending Look Like?

We need our government to spend more money it doesn’t have on infrastructure. It should create new jobs, and the income from that needs to be spent in the economy, spurring on businesses to borrow more at record low interest rates to increase production.

Play the Game and You Might Get Rich

I’m beginning to think Australia is just one giant game of Monopoly…Pass GO every fortnight or month, depending upon your employer, and receive $200.Try to buy up every Australian property in sight…even the cheap disgusting ones.Speculate on which side of the board you’d like to control...

Uber Eats Domino’s

It’s no wonder that humble fast food joints are feeling the pinch from monster aggregators like Uber Eats. The industry’s been revolutionised in the blink of an eye. It’s no wonder some companies are falling behind, coughing on the dust from the trailblazers ahead.

When Interest Rates Stop Working

If the academics have found anything, it’s that interest rates have little bearing on growth at all. In his 2018 Reconsidering Monetary Policy paper, Richard Werner finds the relationship between interest rates and growth is actually positive…meaning interest rates and growth move together.

‘Enough’, He Cries

After the shemozzle of the last decade, people have had politics up to their back teeth. All they want now is for the newly re-elected PM to get on with it, and to let them get on with their own lives as well.

Where Are Stocks Heading from Here?

What we might end up seeing is a level playing field for all. What I mean by that is costs for producing goods in Australia might be as low as they are in China. In such a world, where machines do the work, labour costs become redundant. And thus, producers in Australia can compete with those in China.

Election Upset to Drive Rally

Stocks that may come under selling pressure are gas stocks that may have benefited from an expansion of the Northern Gas pipeline as promised by Labor, and diagnostic imaging companies that ran hard ahead of the election on expectations of a Labor win.
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