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A Copper Stock for the Bottom Drawer

After a sharp fall in the copper price over the last few months, many copper stocks have been under pressure. But the long-term strong demand outlook for copper remains.

BlackRock, the World’s Largest Asset Manager, Dives into Bitcoin — Should You?

BlackRock announced a new private Bitcoin [BTC] trust for institutional investors, you know things are getting serious. Because with this new service, some of the firm’s biggest clients will now be able to gain direct exposure to the largest and most well-known cryptocurrency.

Why We May See a Fed Rate Cut — Not Hike — in 2022

US inflation for July has officially cooled to 8.5%. That's a decent reprieve from the 41-year high figure of 9.1% in June. For investors, this is a good sign that ‘peak inflation’ may really be behind us.

Green Energy Stocks Get a Boost

The truth is that petrol prices can be very volatile, especially when one finds themselves in the middle of an energy crisis. What’s interesting is that much of the price drop hasn’t come from a supply increase. Instead, what’s pushing petrol prices down is lower demand and consumption.

Predictors of Stock Returns: ROE, Cash Flow, Earnings

What are the best predictors of stock returns among earnings, return on equity, and cash flow?

50-Times Growth Needed in This Market by 2030

In today’s Money Morning…coal for China and India…cold showers for Germany…an ironic opportunity…what’s our plan B?…and more… Last week the Australian House of Representatives passed Australia’s first climate change legislation in a decade. The new bill commits us to a…