Dalio’s Second in Command says Booms and Busts Are Over

Saying that booms and busts as we know it are over, is like saying business as we know it is over. Cycles have underpinned macroeconomic theory since the days of Adam Smith himself. As long as credit exists, cycles will follow. Or at least they should…

Australia Day Is Fake News

You know what Australia Day really is? It’s the country’s first example of fake news. And we’ve all bought into it. Today, the war on fake news begins.

A Nuclear War Just Started and No One Saw It Coming

This is actually China launching an economic nuclear warhead at the US — and the US still don’t see it coming. When China gets this going, it’s going to change the fabric of the global economy. It’s going to shake up political allegiances because China will swiftly have control and leverage over this new system.

ATMs, Cards, Phones, Crypto…What’s Next in This Sequence?

Not only will there be cryptocurrency monetary systems outside of central bank control, but central banks themselves will rely on cryptocurrency to power their own currency. For example, the AFR reports the RBA has just completed a trial using a private Ethereum network to test a digital currency.

The Aftermath for the Bush and Business

See our local businesses, but especially retail, are also enduring hardship. The latest trade data posted on Thursday highlighted the ongoing conundrum. Record high exports to both the US and China has seen the surplus grow massively.
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