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In today’s Money Morning…coal for China and India…cold showers for Germany…an ironic opportunity…what’s our plan B?…and more… Last week the Australian House of Representatives passed Australia’s first climate change legislation in a decade. The new bill commits us to a…

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With roughly a US$1 billion market cap, and a fairly niche investment banking business model, AMTD wasn't exactly turning heads. By all accounts, it seemed just like any other newly listed small-cap stock.

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Earlier this week, my colleague Kiryll Prakapenka put together a fantastic article on ‘Buy now, pay later’ companies. Or BNPL stocks, as most people know them.

Inflation Killer

A recession is usually been defined by two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. But it seems that’s out the window now.

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For a nascent industry, ‘Buy now, pay later’ (BNPL) sure has a turbulent history. From humble beginnings as a fledgling sector, BNPL quickly grew into big business.