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How You Should Be Playing the Market in 2019

Banking on returns in the next five days or three months might leave you extremely disappointed. That’s because any number of things can happen to mess with short-term returns.

EU Breakup to Shake Markets Next Year?

The political disruption going on in Europe could be a defining moment of 2019. But while it might push stocks prices around (in the short-term), you shouldn’t let it dictate where you invest in the new year.

Will This Crisis Dominate Your Portfolio in 2019?

In 2017, it was Trump. This year it was the US and China. In 2019, I expect it will be the EU pushing stocks every which way.

The Art of (Trade) War

I would love to tell you when this trade war ends. But the truth is I have no idea. What I am certain of, and I think this is even more important, are the differences between the US and China.

Why the 15-hour Working Week is Further Away Than Ever

Back in 1930, noted economist John Maynard Keynes wrote that within a hundred years, we’d all be working a 15-hour week. And the 15-hour working week seems further away than ever. So, what happened?

The Benefits of Shorting

The key benefit of short selling is that it can smooth fluctuations in your portfolio. Shorting allows you to potentially profit from falling prices.