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Being A Passive Investor Won’t Get You Far in 2019

The only way to play the market in 2018 was to pick your stocks. Picking the right ones carefully has the potential to deliver profits against the flow of the tide. The only way to play the markets again is to pick your stocks.

Why Local Is Better (Even for Shares!)

A local strategy is usually one that dominates over time. And as we move to a localised world, I think these locally dominant companies are the ones that will benefit.

Looking Back at Aussie Real Estate to See What’s Ahead

Most investors make a common mistake. They assume that global financial markets are based on the stock market. They’re not. Think about it. The world’s financial and banking system is based on lending money backed by the security of real estate.

Why You Should Be Getting In On the Dining Boom in 2019

The main point I want to get across today is that the oft-mentioned ‘dining boom’ is a real phenomenon. It’s not just some quirky marketing gimmick dreamed up by politicians or small-cap food companies.

How You Should Be Playing the Market in 2019

Banking on returns in the next five days or three months might leave you extremely disappointed. That’s because any number of things can happen to mess with short-term returns.

EU Breakup to Shake Markets Next Year?

The political disruption going on in Europe could be a defining moment of 2019. But while it might push stocks prices around (in the short-term), you shouldn’t let it dictate where you invest in the new year.