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The thermal coal price has headed steadily downwards over the past four years. So has the metallurgical coal price. It’s all down to chronic oversupply and low demand.

Could Renewable Energy be the Next Big ASX Winner?

Infratech Industries announced their intention to list on the ASX. It’s a bold move for the fledgling renewables company, which was established in April 2012.

Why Singtel Optus is Leaving the ASX

At 6:27 on Tuesday, Singtel Optus announced it was seeking delisting from the ASX. It expects to suspend trading in late May and officially delist in early June.

How You can Invest in Real Estate Without Ever Buying a Property

The mainstream way of investing in property is based on a lot of assumptions. For example, it assumes you have to buy the property. It assumes that you have to be the only owner.