Financial System
Financial System
bitcoin -gold
The Moment Money Begins to Change Forever
bitcoin -goldI say it’s time to move on to trust in something else. Not backwards to gold, but forwards. To a trust in indisputable maths. A trust in decentralised power structures. And a trust in technological innovation. That means bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
Another’s Worries Could Be Your Gains
investing in global equity marketsMy guess at this point is that the next sell-off will result in a panic in some parts of the market. And this may lead to a buying opportunity. The best way to outperform over the long term is to take advantage of others’ mistakes. And often, those mistakes are psychological.
cryptos and blockchain technologyWe are glad and, at the same time, regretful that we have launched two cryptocurrency services. However, we like to think that by giving folks advice, and educating them on the sector, they’ve become wiser about how it all works.