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Australian Banks
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Will the Big Four Banks Get Away with Their Behaviour?
big four banks royal commissionWhile the banks may be humiliated and reprimanded, and while their stocks may fall due to a lowering of consumer confidence…all the commission can really do is demand that the banks tell all. The commission can then give recommendations to the federal government. But whether the banks do anything, or even take on these recommendations, is a whole other story.
Aussie Banks in the Firing Line
Aussie banks in the firing line with Royal CommissionThis week saw the launch of the Royal Commission into the banking industry. Anything that affects the banks is likely to affect the entire Australian share market. The Commonwealth Bank is Australia’s largest company by market capitalisation. Combined, the banks make up a third of our share market. A loss of confidence could be catastrophic.
The True Threat to Aussie Banks
banks biggest threat is blockchain technologyAs long as the big four can comfortably maintain their positions at the heart of Australian finance, it’s unlikely to change. There’s little competition for the big four, outside one another. But that comfortable position may not be as secure as they think.
Is it Time to Sell the Banks?
banks royal commission into wrongdoingCalls for an inquiry into misconduct in the banking industry have been coming for some time. If public confidence in the banks is shaken, that could be more damaging than the real potential for misconduct to be brought to light and punished. So, is this the end of the banks’ dominance in Australia? Are our favourite dividend-paying stocks in trouble?
Why Banks Now Want a Royal Commission
banks royal commission inquiryThe royal commission is likely to recommend increases in regulation, red tape and bureaucracy as the solution to the problems that arise. They are less likely to look at options like increasing market competition or mandating technological improvements. And funnily enough, that’s perhaps what the big four banks actually want in the current environment.
Commonwealth Bank’s ATM Design Fail
Commonwealth Bank ATMThe Commonwealth Bank of Australia has potentially just turned its free ATM withdrawals announcement into a marketing disaster. The new ATM rollout is pretty underwhelming to a lot of people. And just at the time when customers from other banks can now freely use your ATMs for withdrawals.