Central Banks

What Will it Take for Crypto Mass Adoption?

Money in itself is whatever we all decide to accept, but also it’s whatever the central banks decided we should accept. A central bank for instance could decide that thin pieces of plastic will no longer be money.

Why We Still Need the Bad Banks

And the people offering these services and technologies are, for the most part, start-ups. These are ambitious companies trying to stay at the cutting edge of new finance. It’s fantastic for consumers. We now have more options than ever before.

What is Going on with the Big Banks Share Price?

For over a year, shares in our big four banks have been trending down. Go back even further, and their share prices have barely moved in a decade. In May 2017, Australia’s largest bank (and biggest stock), Commonwealth Bank of Australia [ASX:CBA], got within a whisker of $88. Fast forward to June 2018, CBA’s share price traded below $68 — a fall of around 23%. It’s not just CBA feeling the pinch, though.
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