Central Banks

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Politicians, Gangsters, and CEOs

Although, hopefully, they’re choosing CEOs and board members who are right for that stage of a company’s lifecycle.

Watch the RBA Decision Closely Today

The key here is that wage inflation would underpin sustained inflation across the whole economy. So if wages are heading higher, that’ll give the RBA confidence that inflation is sustainable. 

The Fed Is Preparing to Pull the Trigger

First and foremost, the more important story than the Fed this week (in my opinion) is the recent reversal by China. Beijing has finally decided to lift its import ban on Australian coal

Bullseye! Why 7 January Was the Crucial Day for Interest Rates

The Fed will try to avoid moving rates in January if they can. It would go against their recent guidance.

A Miserable Outlook

The miserable outlook for the world’s most important economy The Biden economic program — of more spending, higher taxes, more regulation, open borders, and a war on fossil fuels — is coming

Investing in an Unreal 2022

I expect a tidal wave of investing cash to move to this area of biotech due to Pfizer and Moderna’s success, and this part of the biotech sphere will benefit in the same way Tesla did.