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Westpac and NAB Cut Dividends…What’s Next for ASX Bank Stocks?

Whether we like it or not, almost anyone with superannuation will likely have a holding in each of the big four banks. Banks are fighting on many fronts. Not least of all is capital. If they need to hold onto capital, that may mean further reductions in dividends. There is also the issue of margins and low rates...

Bitcoin Goes Nuclear: Is Bitcoin a Store of Value?

Bitcoin is not really used to pay for things yet. It’s more of a digital gold. A scarce asset. And this is likely to be the main use case for bitcoin until it gets to a value — and we’re talking a global value — where people think it’s fairly valued and are therefore willing to spend it.

A Sign the Current System of Finance is in its Death Throes

Anytime something out of the ordinary like this happens, you have to be ready to act, as these things can escalate fast. Could it be a sign that big banks are struggling under the weight of a legacy of mistakes? Or a sign the current system of finance is in its death throes?
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