Banks and Interest Rates
Banks and Interest Rates
ANZ Share Price Increases on Zurich Agreement

Four Australian banks have gone through measures to counter recent problems with financial advice services. Australian and New Zealand Banking Group [ASX: ANZ] have taken an extra step by flagging a buyback of shares over an ongoing program. Today their shares have grown by 1.05%. Will it grow further? Find out more...

This Sector Is an AVOID!
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There is a good chance that the long term impact of this royal commission will be a complete dismantling of bank business models. As I pointed out yesterday, banks are already starting to put their funds management businesses up for sale. Next, the rest of the wealth management arms (including the financial planning networks) will probably go too.

What an Absolute Banker
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Banks always have and always will attract the type of individual who wants to make a lot of money from being ‘a banker’. And while there are plenty of decent ones around, the truth is there are plenty of abhorrent individuals willing to fleece other people for their own benefit. Things took a turn for the worse when the banks began to get into the wealth management game in the early 2000s.

This Could Be the Biggest Scandal in Banking History
Lender Mortgage Insurance scandal for Aussie banks

All the banks charge Lender Mortgage Insurance when home loans with more than 80% loan-to-value ratios are taken. Let’s get this very clear. This is a very expensive premium. And you pay it to protect the bank if you can’t repay the loan. That’s right, you’re paying an insurance policy that protects THE BANK...