Banks and Interest Rates
Banks and Interest Rates
What to do if the stock market crashes
End of the Cycle
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I’m working on the assumption that the US economy will peak in 2018. In fact, the market may well have peaked in January 2018. What evidence do I have for that?

I Say Bollocks to That
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The RBA reckons China’s debt is now around 260% of GDP. If the US and European economies slow into the second half of 2018 and into 2019, then China will feel the effect. How will this impact Australia?

The Tipping Point
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The US dollar rally has barely paused for breath since getting underway in February. Late last week, it took its toll on commodities. Oil fell nearly 3%. Iron ore fell 3.7%, while aluminium declined 0.7%. What will happen next?

A Strategy for This Market
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Household sector debt is already very high and it will take lower interest rates again for it to get a decent boost. The RBA will only cut in the event that a global slowdown brings it on. That doesn’t look anywhere near likely now and if it does, it will not be good for the banks.

How You Could Profit as Bankers Go Extinct
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Instead of lending to those that can afford it, you start lending to riskier borrowers. And it’s justified for the sake of sales. That’s why it’s not really surprising banks and other large institutions get into these situations. They simply haven’t crafted a great incentive system yet.