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Why Your Brain Is Fooling You on the Stock Market

We’re all being fooled, in a way. It’s all relative. You see, the stock market isn’t really going up. It just looks that way because the US Dollar is going down. Those falls correlate with a sustained rise in all sorts of other assets. From stock markets, to commodities, to gold and even bitcoin...

Special Market Update: Black Swans and Ancient Money

Dear Reader, In today’s Money Morning…three ways to buy gold during a mania phase…plus what would slaughter the bull…black swans and ancient money…debt, demography, and crashing oil prices…and more… We continue our special coverage of financial markets in the age…

Trillion Dollar Deficits

There can be little doubt that the US economy is strong right now. What’s harder to work out is whether stock prices have factored this in, or whether the bull market has more left in the tank.
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