Debt and Credit
Debt and Credit
Australian tax cuts
How Do You Feel About Tax Cuts?
Australian tax cutsPrime Minister Malcolm Turnbull may be one step closer to passing corporate tax cuts. This comes after One Nation’s Senator, Pauline Hanson, backflipped and announced she would back the company tax plan. Ms Hanson struck a deal with the Turnbull government. But what does this tax cut plan mean for Aussie businesses and workers?
Is This Bull Run Over?
Emerging MarketsAussie stocks bounced back strongly yesterday, and are set to open flat today, in a sign that the concern over a trade war is overdone. Perhaps Trump’s team have done their homework. Perhaps they now see that a ‘spend as much as you want’ policy in government doesn’t quite gel with ‘let’s reduce our trade deficit’.
Why The US Debt Ceiling Limit is an Economic Time Bomb
US debt ceilingIf the debt ceiling doesn’t get raised, it means the US government can’t borrow more money. The risk then is that the Treasury might run out of money and literally be unable to make payments on US Treasury bonds. That’s the US government defaulting to every other nation, most notably China.
Trump Gets His Tax Cuts — Now What?
tax cuts in the USDonald Trump’s long promised tax cuts finally passed. By reducing the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%, Trump hopes to encourage US firms to repatriate capital and invest it at home. Tax cuts appease the right wing. Increased jobs and wages appease the working class. Everyone wins, right?