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China on Track to Repeat Its 2015 Blunder

See, driving this incredible one-day result was a flood of retail investment. Everyday people in China are rushing to get into stocks. Following the guidance of their beloved leaders. According to early reports, a front-page editorial in the China Securities Journal is the culprit.

The Trust Quotient: Gold and Bitcoin versus the Fed

Trust is an ethereal term, but one thing you can be sure of is that endless rate tinkering and debt-funded growth leads to the decay of it. And I think there is another asset which thrives in a low-trust environment. This is cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin...

Bitcoin Revolution: Who’s the Next Billionaire to Roll Over?

This is the start of the crypto revolution that will last generations (and beyond) taking hold and eclipsing the legacy systems and networks we rely on today. When you see JPMorgan taking on the likes of Coinbase and Gemini as clients, that’s further validation of the potential of crypto...
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