Financial System

Make no mistake, the financial system is unravelling. Much of it is out of your control, but there is hope.

The drawn out Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry uncovered many issues within our financial system in Australia. Ongoing issues regarding conflicts of interest, predatory behaviour and exploitative practices of professionals within our financial system have demonstrated the intricacies of the system itself.

Meanwhile, record low interest rates have pushed many Australian retirees reliant on interest for income to seek out higher-returning, riskier investments. This has helped to drive up asset prices, but has also built more risk into the financial system.

Here at Money Morning, we can help to show you how to take back control of your own wealth and investments from the financial system.

Understanding the inner-workings of our financial system could help you build your wealth, and protect yourself in the event of an economic downturn internationally or at home.

We don’t claim to have all the answers here at Money Morning, but we will always try to let you know which factors are likely to affect your wealth the most. And provide you with informed suggestions as to which investments could best shelter and grow your wealth in these turbulent times.

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We Need Another Catholic Coup on Banking…

I would absolutely love if Douugh and the rest toppled the Big Four. A decentralised banking system is not just good for you and me, it’s good for the economy. It’s good for you and me because more banks will compete for our business. And that competition will lower rates and improve the quality of service.

True Blue Connection

We’ve invented and built some incredible tech in the past. And one invention in particular has helped transform all of our lives. I’m talking about Wi-Fi. Yes, if you didn’t already know, Australia was responsible for ‘inventing’ Wi-Fi.

The Challenge of Wage Growth

If wages could just increase enough, they argue, we’d all have more money to spend. In turn, that would lead to higher demand and activity.But here’s the kicker.
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