Financial System
Financial System
Lender Mortgage Insurance scandal for Aussie banks
This Could Be the Biggest Scandal in Banking History
Lender Mortgage Insurance scandal for Aussie banksAll the banks charge Lender Mortgage Insurance when home loans with more than 80% loan-to-value ratios are taken. Let’s get this very clear. This is a very expensive premium. And you pay it to protect the bank if you can’t repay the loan. That’s right, you’re paying an insurance policy that protects THE BANK...
Why Bitcoin’s Price Climbed More Than $1,000 Overnight
Bitcoin price riseThe price of bitcoin exploded overnight, rising from US$6,870 (AU$8,859.21) to US$8,034.17 (AU$10,360) in an hour, according to prices quoted from Coindesk. There’s no one specific piece of news that can be pointed to as being solely responsible for the sudden jump. Instead, it seems that a number of factors came together at the same time.
Get Your Bear Suit on
bear market ahead?Don’t you love how the narrative changes from month to month? Back in the good old days…way back in January 2018, it was all about Trump’s tax cuts and the wonderful effect this would have on stock prices and the US economy. But now, it’s all about trade wars.
On the Brink of a Bear Market
bear marketWhat do you do when you’re under political pressure for starting a potentially damaging trade war? You change the conversation and focus peoples’ attention on a real war, and cast yourself as the moral hero. What’s been happening in Syria for the past five years or so has been a disaster, and every major country involved has blood on their hands.
What’s the Price of Financial Independence?
Aussie economy financial freedom, cost of livingHow can one become financially independent? There are many plans that could potentially make you financially free if you are self-disciplined. Things like visualisation and planning can help you reach your goals. Budgeting is also a great way to monitor your spending.