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Financial System
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Why US Interest Rates Will Remain Low
US interest ratesAs the world’s largest stock market (the S&P 500) continues to trade near record highs, you’d assume the US economy is strong, right? The market is adjusting to ‘lower for longer’ interest rates. As long as economic growth doesn’t slow too much, this is the primary reason why stocks will remain elevated.
Why Interest Rates are on Hold for a Long Time
interest rates being heldThe general view has gone from one of another potential interest rate cut, to a question of when the rate rising cycle will start. But the just-completed reporting season didn’t exactly confirm that view. Overall, earnings growth was lacklustre. But that’s what you should expect in a low growth economy.
Commonwealth Bank’s ATM Design Fail
Commonwealth Bank ATMThe Commonwealth Bank of Australia has potentially just turned its free ATM withdrawals announcement into a marketing disaster. The new ATM rollout is pretty underwhelming to a lot of people. And just at the time when customers from other banks can now freely use your ATMs for withdrawals.
Aussie Banks In Line for Digital Disruption
fintech causing disruptionATM use is in decline. As technology sends transaction costs towards zero, banks will no longer be able to charge exorbitant fees for standardised, commoditised services. Growth will have to come from elsewhere. This is a sign of things to come for Aussie banks.