Investing in Gold

You’ve decided it’s time to invest in gold.

Before you commit any money to gold and silver, remember this: Whatever cash you place in bullion, it’s a store of wealth.

You don’t buy bullion only to cash out quickly. A bullion purchase — without significant market stress of course — is for a minimum of 10 years.

When it comes to buying bullion, the first decision you need to make is where you are going to keep it.

Do you want the bullion dealer to store it for you? Do you want to keep it in a safety deposit box? Or would you like to keep it at home?

Physical gold can’t be insured for private investors — at least in Australia — so I don’t recommend keeping it at home.

If you really want to keep that shiny metal at home, you really should install a well-hidden, top-quality safe.

You don’t want just any old safe from a retail outlet. YouTube is full of videos on how to crack a safe. Begin your research with these videos, and you’ll quickly realise how useless chain-store safes really are.

And do not tell anyone that you have physical gold stored at home.

Where else can you keep your gold investment?

Arranging storage through your bullion dealer is a popular option. Especially if you are buying large quantities.

Places like the Perth Mint offer both allocated and unallocated storage.

That is, if you don’t take physical delivery of your gold, you can keep it stored with them, either with your name on it or not.

If you have allocated storage, it means the bullion dealer writes down the serial numbers of the bullion bars next to your name. Those bullion bars are now allocated to you only.

Unallocated storage is where the amount of bullion you purchased is stored in a pooled vault. So you don’t have any serial numbers allocated to you; rather, it’s just an amount of gold set aside for you.

Finally, you can take physical delivery of the bullion bars and pay to have them stored in a safety deposit box you have access to at your leisure.

Which storage method you choose is up to you. However, there are different fees charged for each method. It’s about choosing the one that makes you feel most comfortable with your investment.

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